Hyaluronic acid is a molecule found naturally throughout the human body. It is an important component of joint fluid, called synovial fluid, which provides lubrication and cushioning for normal, healthy joints.

When you have osteoarthritis, the hyaluronic acid breaks down and becomes diluted, reducing its natural elastic properties, which can further degrade cartilage tissue and cause increased joint pain.

Administered as a series of 3 to 5 injections directly into the joint, SUPARTZ FX works as a viscosupplement, increasing the levels of healthy hyaluronic acid in the affected joint. The hyaluronic acid in SUPARTZ FX has the same composition as the natural hyaluronic acid your body produces, to safely reduce joint pain and stiffness, while restoring the protective benefits of lubrication and shock absorption.


You may be a good candidate for SUPARTZ FX if you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and have the following problems:

  • Not getting adequate pain relief from oral medications, physical therapy, or steroid injections
  • Not able to maintain regular joint movement because of growing stiffness and pain
  • Not engaging in the regular physical activities you enjoy because of a loss of strength or mobility

SUPARTZ FX has been proven to consistently improve knee pain due to osteoarthritis and may delay your need for knee replacement surgery. Pain relief can start after the first injection and may last up to 6 months. Your doctor can tailor the number of injections depending on your individual needs.

No single treatment (including SUPARTZ FX) helps every patient the same way. Some patients may experience benefits with as few as 3 injections. This has been noted in a study in which patients treated with 3 injections were evaluated for 90 days.


SUPARTZ FX is an FDA-approved therapy for knee osteoarthritis. It is created from highly purified animal-derived hyaluronic acid to offer an unbeatable combination of effectiveness, dosing flexibility, and affordability.

SUPARTZ FX is a 5-injection hyaluronic acid series that can relieve knee osteoarthritis pain for up to 6 months. Clinical studies have shown that some patients may see their osteoarthritis symptoms improve with only 3 injections of SUPARTZ FX. SUPARTZ FX has also been demonstrated safe for treatment with repeated courses of therapy.