PARS – Achilles Surgery








Arthrex PARS with SpeedBridge™ Repair

Our practice offers the latest technology in Podiatric Medicine for your quickest recovery.  PARS (Percutaneous Achilles Repair System) with SpeedBridge Repair by Arthrex, eliminates the weakest part of an Achilles repair, the knots. By eliminating the knots, the repair may provide additional strength than the traditional open repair while limiting wound issues with a small incision.


The benefits of PARS system are:

1) Minimal incision reduces risk of wound complications.
2) Due to a minimal incision, recovery is much faster. Usually 6 weeks of non-weight-bearing is required after the surgery, but with this PARS technique, you will be walking in your sneakers in 2 weeks after the surgery!
3) Knotless procedure, therefore no more “lumpy scars”.

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